DIY Kit (Rs 13031/-)

DIY Kit <br /> (Rs 13031/-)

(Rs 13031/-)


Designed in a fashion where you can embed your software and hardware skills all together to build your own variant or may add more features giving it a whole new sagacity. The kit allows you to investigate the opening of new domains as your thoughts get transformed into real.

This comprehensive kit is uniquely curated to include all the components helpful for developing your own new project, be it a college assignment or research or a part of your hobby. You are now all set to start it. With the DIY kit at your desk, you won’t need to worry about the rest of the components required, which will save you a heck of time!

DIY kit specifications : 

  • oblu
  • Casing
  • Battery (Li-ion 500mAh)
  • Shoe-mount
  • Calibration Device
  • USB data cable (Micro USB-B)
  • Jumper wire (male to male 10 wires, 20 cm, 10 colors)
  • Connector strip (40 pin, 1x40 single row, male, pitch 2.54 mm, breakable pin header)
  • Resistors : 30.9 kΩ, 10 kΩ, 270 Ω, 4.7 kΩ (2 each)
  • Capacitors : 0.1 µF, 1 µF, 15 pF, 10 nF (2 each)
  • LED : Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and White LEDs (2 each)
  • Trimpot : 100 kΩ (1)
  • Solder-less breadboard with 400 tie-point (White)
  • Xoblu - Android App
  • MIMUscope - PC based tool
  • Opensource embedded C code
  • Calibration scripts
  • Tutorials, manuals, etc.
For tutorials, manuals, details, etc. please refer to our Support section.


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