We encourage you to share your first hand experience with oblu. Sharing of your original work on oblu, in any one of the following forms, would make you eligible to receive 100% cashback:

  • (i)   An original blog of 500 words or more on any relevant and popular website OR 
  • (ii)  An original project report on OR
  • (iii) Project details on or OR
  • (iv) A video demonstration, originally recorded by you, on YouTube.

What is the offer?

Return our products after completing your academic project, and avail 100% cashback.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for discount if you are a student or a faculty member or a non teaching staff at any academic organization based in India. Please note that the offer is not valid on institutional buying.

Time window for availing the offer?

Window of 2.5 months, between 1.5 and 4 months of purchase.

For example: Your invoice date is June 1st, 2018. In order to get benefit of the cashback offer, you must email us the link(s) of your shared content between July 15th and Sep 30th, 2018. Sharing before July 15th and after Sep 30th would make your disqualified for the cashback offer.

How to avail the discount?
1. Drop us an email (email: with "University Cashback" in subject line, from your University's email id, mentioning your full name, your designation and name of your university / institute.
2. Complete buying process.
3. You become eligible to avail University Cashback Offer only after 1.5 months and before completion  of 4 months from invoice data.
4. Email us with the link of shared material, from the same University email id which you used earlier.
5. Once we approved the shared material for originality and reasonable uniqueness, you are supposed to courier us the item against which you expect cashback. Please send copy of the invoice as well.

6. We'll deposit cash back in your account, exactly one month after receiving the product back.

Terms & Conditions:

      • This offer maybe withdrawn anytime.
      • The order must be placed by an individual, and not by the institution.
      • We must receive the purchased item back in working condition.
      • This offer is valid only for purchase within India.

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