About Us

We dreamed of and have nurtured a beautiful goal to take a niche upcoming technology to masses in form of an opensource development platform for inertial navigation - oblu - which could fuel further innovation in wearable motion sensing.

With thrust on innovation and continuous R&D, we have gained experience from distributing niche IMU-array systems to academics and industry researchers for applications like safety of rescue workers, land survey, autonomous robotics, augmented reality, indoor location based services (LBS), gait analysis and many more on the list. Close interactions with them and their continuous feedback helped us in molding IMU-array platforms to a highly configurable and flexible toolkit - oblu. Developed with deep insights and updated with latest technology, oblu is sure to out go the present expectations of navigation researchers, entrepreneurs and wearable IoT & DIY enthusiasts.

Our small yet highly skilled and lofty-dreamer team is passionate about making difference with their all round innovative approaches. We believe that with oblu we have marked a trail in the less trodden path of pedestrian navigation. Soaring high in the field of foot-mounted pedestrian navigation and leading it is our foremost vision.

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