MIMUscope is a Windows based data logging and analysis tool for oblu development board. It is very helpful in gaining insights of inertial sensing and navigation without getting tangled with data communication protocol, parsing etc.

MIMUscope comes with auto-detection of active serial COM ports which allows oblu to communicate with the PC via serial port. It can plot inertial sensors' data in realtime and offline, at user's defined data rate. The user can easily acquire the raw and calibrated data for each on-board IMU, as well as the fused data from all the IMUs in Precision IMU mode. It also offers ease of modifying hardware settings, viz. acceleration due to gravity, accelerometers' & gyroscopes' range and calibration input data just at simple click. MIMUscope also lets the user to construct the tracked path by performing dead reckoning on the data obtained from oblu. One may even save data in log file.

MIMUscope is coded in Python.

Please download MIMUscope and its instruction manual from the Support->Resources section.


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